What can be better than listening to The Beatles or the Stones? How about both!

Jumping jack Flash, one of the premier Rolling Stones tribute acts presents "Beatles vs. Stones: the Greatest Show that Never Was!" with yours truly representing The Beatles! Watch the two greatest rock bands in history battle out with YOU in the front row!

It's hard to pick which band would win; the great songwriters of the Beatles, or the rocking live performance of the Rolling Stones. Either way, it's a full show of the best music ever made. Our bias opinion side (being in the show and all...), we can see why fans across the continent rave about the show.

So far, we've toured through central and eastern Canada, all across the US, and in Mexico. We recently just got back from Venice, FL where we played to a packed house at the Venice Performing Arts Center. Up next, we're returning to Media, MN to the Medina Entertainment Center on April 2!

It's interesting hearing fans after the show say "I came here to hear the Beatles, but I left becoming a Stones fan." It happens quite often, and in the reverse as well! The fans definitely seem to also enjoy the encore where The Beatles are joined by Mick and Keith for a seamless mash-up you'll have to have to see.

Be sure to check out our website for more info and future dates at! And let us know in the comments below who YOU think would win: the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones??


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