The members of Jumping Jack Flash are not entirely sure what it is about this music that causes such a reaction in audiences, but they see it on a nightly basis—they see it in the audience’s eyes, and on their faces.  People rise to their feet and begin dancing, waving their arms in the air, singing along, but most of all-- smiling!  Soon the crowd is moving towards the stage, then packed up against it; some attempt to jump up on to the stage, while others lunge for one of the musicians.

     JJF has performed at the elegant Winspear Performing Arts Center in Edmonton, Canada (1,000+), at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, Ca., and at theaters, amphitheaters, and casinos across the United States, and in Mexico; most recently in front of 12,000 fans in Mexicali.  In 2015, JJF performed at the famous west-coast theater the Belly-Up just three days before the actual Rolling Stones did!  Whatever it is about this music that causes such a frenzy, here are the JJF band-members that re-create it: