It began for them the way it always has–in a dimly lit, smoky nightclub. But who that was present at those long-ago performances by the Rolling Stones would have guessed that they’d become icons, and perhaps the most revered and enduring act of all-time?

Imagine walking into a nearby historic theater and happening upon a performance by the youthful Stones!  They’re all there; Mick is prancing and gyrating, Keith is ripping licks and prowling the stage with his trusty beat-up Fender guitar.

Charlie and Bill are intense as they lay down the back-beat, and Brian Jones looks regal as he lords over his stage. But there’s something amiss; although this incredible scenario has most certainly taken place, this isn’t swinging London circa 1964 but rather, your town today.  Put down that pint, mate… take a closer look–it’s Jumping Jack Flash, the world’s greatest tribute to the Rolling Stones!

Cast:  Joey Jagger Infante performs as the inimitable Mick Jagger.  In the role of Keith Richards (the human riff!) we present to you Young Hutchison.  If presenting a living, breathing Brian Jones wasn’t difficult enough, Pat Hennessy also delivers Ron Wood to audiences every night!  Those cookin’ rhythms and grooves are concocted by none other than Jon McCracken on drums and Matt Quilter on bass.